On the lovecat way…

Already people are asking me “what is a lovecat?”  No, I do not love cats. I don’t hate them either but this has nothing to to with cats. Well to go deeper into my explanation in my first posting “On blogging” a lovecat was the term that Tim Sanders used in his book “Love is the killer App.” To sum it up first with a quote “…the world is run… via intangibles-knowledge, networks, and compassion.” So a lovecat is someone that is committed to building relationships sharing these in tangibles. No politicking for the next role, not the scratch my back – I will scratch yours world but a world of open sharing of these three areas with your peers and clients, and even your competitors. First I will sum up sharing knowledge. According to Sanders knowledge is social currency. Further that each piece of knowledge caries varying value. He also outlines four steps for making knowledge work for you so that you don’t get information overload. But my favorite part was his suggestions for note taking in the books he was reading, I found that valuable. Secondly, sharing your network. This can be summed up perfectly when you think of yourself as a business matchmaker, you know and understand the needs of the people in your network and you introduce them to others that they need. But he warns to “[t]hink before you link.” I found this to be true in general. Take the analogy back to the romantic matchmaker to prove my point, you want to be the great friend that hooks them up with another hot friend and not the matchmaker like your aunt that keeps trying to set you up with a nice girl she knows. Lastly, but far from least. Share your compassion. This is simply truly caring for those around you. Truly listen and sincerely respond. Like another saying “people won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” –not sure who said that. Anyways this hits home for me because I feel that Jesus Christ was the perfect lovecat. He made the greatest sacrifice to share His knowledge [from a young boy He shared with adults His knowledge on life and the scriptures], His network [connecting us to the Father], and His compassion [“no greater love does a man have than to lay his life down for a friend” John 15:13]. Be a lovecat!



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